Leadership Development

Provide education, experience and mentoring to foster one’s potential for leadership

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Improving the health status in the African American community, through health screening and education programs related to Diabetes, Heart Disease/Hypertension/ Stroke, Sickle Cell Disease, etc.


Provide education to promote individuals to seek early detection through screening for various forms of cancer

Services for the Elderly

Chi Care activities that offer social support for the well being of the seniors in our chapter and the community

Protecting seniors with Immunization programs

An organized group to promote careers in nursing and health as well as to foster individual growth and development

Nursing Recruitment and Retention

Support the pursuit of careers in nursing through scholarship programs for students currently enrolled in Nursing at approved colleges and Universities. Mentoring services are also available


Provide blood pressure screening and education to individuals in the community at local churches, barbershops, Red Dress Sunday, etc. 

Kidney Disease

Partner with local churches during Kidney Sundays to provide education about diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and eating habits, and how each relates to kidney health